Desk & Archive

Desk & Archive 2.0.4

File manager with document oriented features suited for business use

File manager built with productivity in mind.

Desk & Archive is a file manager built with productivity in mind. It provides tools to manage office documents and personal workflow efficiently.

Application is built on a personal experience from the workplace. It is tested and crafted in a real environment with the aim to provide value to business users.

Application contains following features:

- It is designed as a place to start a work - turn any document into the always available template; create a document based on the previous work or start from an empty document.

- Track work easily with Smart tags – tagging allows easy categorization, but Smart tags means three more things: tag reminders, tag snoozing and tag chain.

- Improved general operations – many small and useful improvements in copy & paste, drag & drop, rename and other everyday tasks.

- Tools to keep the Desk clean – one click to move completed items to the archive; Launchbar for starting programs and Pinned folders to open folders from application instead from your already burdened Desk.

- Flexible views – Item lists allow flexible viewing of items across the tags and folders; Ad hoc items lists means you can create such lists on the fly, and Filter panel allows easy filtering of the items in the current view.

- Easy navigation – no need to open and close tabs with History that gets automatically tabbed; locations for copy & paste are easily available in Contextual folders

- Keyboard and mouse improvements – type to navigate quickly; easy multiple selection with the mouse

- Great previews and many other small but handy features.

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Desk & Archive


Desk & Archive 2.0.4

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